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    Textile and garment exports to the US to maintain growth momentum "obvious difficulties"

     "We certainly hope that in 2016 textile and apparel exports to the US continue to maintain good growth momentum, but the difficulty is obvious." 17, talked about China's textile and garment exports to the US situation, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang said.
    China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce recently released data show continued weakness in external demand, exports under extremely difficult situation, in 2015 China's textile and garment exports to the US increased by nearly 7%.
    Shen Danyang Ministry of Commerce regular press conference held the same day, said, "By 2015, China's textile and garment exports 283.78 billion US dollars, down 4.9 percent; but exports to the US $ 47.73 billion, an increase of 6.7% which is very. rare, and it is gratifying. "
    But he also pointed out that China's textile and garment exports to the US face three difficulties:
    First, by the world economic recovery is slow, the impact of the weak international market demand, coupled with domestic factor costs rising constraints, China's textile and garment exports to the United States and has been an overall decline in export growth slowing situation. For example, from the situation in Europe and America in 2015 textile and apparel imports, the EU imports growth rate down 8.8 percentage points, US import growth of only 4%.
    Second, there is part of the estate and transfer orders to Southeast Asia, South Asia and other low-cost countries, neighboring countries such rapid rise of the textile and garment industry, crowding out some of the products China exports to the US market space.
    Third, some of the national currency devaluation caused by passive appreciation of the renminbi, weakening the price competitiveness of Chinese products.
    "Therefore, this year to maintain the textile and garment exports to the US continue to grow, we must make greater efforts." Shen Danyang said.
    Is the traditional Chinese textile and apparel industries, generally considered, in the context of economic globalization, the first decade of this century, China's textile and garment exports "golden years." Data show that in 2011, China's textile exports reached 254.123 billion US dollars worth of clothing. (Finish)

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