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    Disperse dyes market differentiation still expected to rise

    After a surge in the first half, and now the market has entered a dye relatively flat stage, and dye prices also polarized situation, under which the reactive dye intermediates upstream of H-acid prices fall and the dual pressures of weak downstream demand , falling, and disperse dyes still exhibit some signs of rising.
    Reactive dyes: prices had fallen
    According to dealers revealed that the current intermediate H acid prices have come down some, offer at 135,000 yuan / ton (previously about 16 yuan / ton), compared with the market price of 120,000 to 130,000 yuan / ton. Affected by this, reactive dyes prices also fell, from which the active black previous 58 yuan / kg now down to about 40 yuan / kg, down about 31%.
    One of the main activity of reactive dyes for the black variety, H acid was the major intermediate in the production of reactive dyes, accounting for about 30% to 40% of production costs.
    Reactive dyes in the market in the first half of this year's amazing, better than disperse, throughout the first half rose by about 10,000 to 25,000 yuan / ton, the highest increase of nearly 70%.
    Listed companies, Zhejiang Longsheng (600352.SH) and RunTu shares (002440.SZ), respectively 70,000 tons and 35,000 tons of production capacity reactive dyes. In addition, the transfer of shares (002010.SZ) reactive dyes are also 35,000 tons of production capacity, Anno its (300067.SZ) reactive dyes capacity of 6500 tons.
    Disperse: prices may still
    Despite some weakness in the downstream market, but disperse recently (July 30 - July 31) was up a price, mainly for some large breeds such as disperse black, blue, rose to 2,000 yuan / ton, or 4.5 %about.
    Currently, market prices are still expected to disperse, mainly due to the dye intermediate - p-nitroanilide prices rise. It is reported that the price of nitroaniline from June this year to rise rapidly, the current price and the price compared to 18 months ago, has surged 100 percent.
    Nitroaniline relates to disperse most of the product, its price increases can be mainly pushed up the price of orange or red lines disperse. Red, orange, black, blue, yellow, and other main varieties are all disperse.
    Which can directly affect the disperse dye include: Disperse Black / Blue ECO, ECT (orange 288), Disperse Orange E-RL (orange 25), Disperse Orange SE-GL (orange 29), Disperse Orange S- 4RL (orange 30) dispersed Cheng Cheng R-SF (orange 73), brown 1 dispersion, dispersion and brown 9 yellow-brown liquid dispersion. In addition, also indirectly affect disperse red S-5BL (red 167), disperse red S- 3GL (red 54), disperse red 2GH (red 50), Disperse Orange S-3RFL (orange 44), disperse violet RL (purple 63), and other products prices.
    While the number of people in the industry told the news agency the great wisdom (Micro Signal DZH_news), due Yabang dye dispersion Cuilan positive shutdown, the dispersion Cuilan current prices, is expected to bring the whole family Disperse Blue prices.
    "However, due to the downstream of the general, so rising prices is difficult to say no, now also produce a lot of small dye works." A dealer said.
    While another dealer believes that the possibility of future price increases continue to disperse still great. He said that now dyeing factories and some large dealers are still some stocks, but small distributors have basically no inventory, "so it had the goods, though not dare to take too much."
    Since 2013, prices are more disperse in the first half of this year slowed down, so far this year, a wide range of price increases only three times, a total price of about 10,000 yuan / ton, or 28%. Zhejiang Longsheng disperse dye and the main varieties RunTu shares, both have production capacity of about 140,000 tons / year and 12 tons / year.

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