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    Promoting intelligent multi-dimensional chemical fiber equipment

    With the rise of China's manufacturing industry factor cost, low-cost advantage has gradually lost. The textile industry in terms of employment is particularly prominent. Textile industry workers in labor-intensive, relatively difficult working conditions, as well as three shifts rest system, there is a big gap between the current social career orientation, and thus the textile industry has been plunged into recruitment difficult predicament. In addition to improving corporate salaries, but often take more humane measures such as the installation of air-conditioned dormitories, the Spring Festival staff, paid holidays and other busy to return home to attract employment, but labor costs have led to a substantial increase. Only take the high-end enterprise products, quality of the road, in order to bail out, while textile enterprises digital, networked, intelligent and has become more competitive enterprises to survive the inevitable choice.
    Intelligent power machinery Substitution
    Process characteristics are very prominent textile equipment, processing the object categories and more long process, multi-station equipment, complicated and delicate mechanical action. If a general-purpose robot technology to achieve intelligent devices, there is a technical difficulty, higher investment in a series of problems, from no technically and economically feasible. In the fiber deep processing field, the current international and more intelligent by developing a dedicated implement operations such as robot joints and can changer, have already achieved very good experience. Chemical fiber machinery domestic digital start earlier, in the 1970s that is used in DC speed fiber equipment, after gradually promote the use of the inverter, PLC. Today, chemical fiber machinery on NC device has been everywhere, in addition to the widespread use of PLC, inverter logic control and simple motion profile control, IPC, servo drives, also has a large number of applications, multi-motor drives are also divisions applied to a variety of equipment.
    Innovations textile machinery industry endless, and successfully developed a number of leading international products, but our country's overall technological progress textile equipment still in improving efficiency and quality level of intelligence, unmanned high-end equipment R & D has not comprehensively.
    Currently development of chemical fiber equipment and technology should focus on two aspects of technological progress: first application of computer technology should be further, intelligent digital technology to enhance the level of equipment, through a fully automated process, to achieve reduce labor, improve the rate of the stands. Second, the introduction of information technology, network technology, through data sharing, intelligent manufacturing.
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