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    Larger yarn stabilized stabilized outer difficult early October

    With India and Pakistan cotton yarn export "triumph", to seize the global market, China's cotton yarn exports shrinking, the competitiveness of Chinese cotton textile exports continued to decline sharply. July exports of cotton yarn only about 31,100 tons, down 11.27 percent, exports accounted for only 52.1% of Pakistan, India exports, 26.6%, and India and Pakistan yarn exported in stark contrast to Pakistan in July exports of cotton yarn 59700 tons, an increase of 8.34%, an increase of 18.45 percent in July India's exports 116,800 tons of cotton yarn (cotton content above 85%), an increase of 35.3%, of which 59% are exported to China (last year 37%), 2014 August 2015 to May 7, India's total exports of cotton yarn 1.3161 million tons, of which 637,700 tons are exported to China, accounting for 48.5% of India's exports of cotton yarn, cotton yarn exports China support India "half", which shows that the Chinese traders, cloth plant, fabrics, yarn garment factory in India rising dependence.
    It is noteworthy that recently some cotton operating companies, based outside major cotton trade cotton have increased the offer on India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the origin C21S, C32S, C21 / 2, quotations C32 / 2, and other varieties of cotton yarn, cotton extending downstream business is inevitable cotton yarn, fabric and even clothing trading company is trying to expand trade, to avoid the inevitable operational risks of a single species. For the yarn outside early October trend, traders generally consider harbor stabilized stabilized difficulties are, on the one hand is the short-term firm ICE 60 cents / lb of pressure in October to 57 cents lower, or along the main / lb year low close; on the other hand Chinese cotton, cotton yarn, fabric weak demand and concerns about the Chinese economy is very strong emotions, except for a few high-count yarn business orders is relatively smooth, the majority of small and medium mills, cloth factories to the "dilemma" situation, coupled with the import of cotton yarn is still flooding into short-term concern C21S, C32S yarn India and Pakistan can 16,500 yuan / ton, 18,500 yuan / ton, near the bottom end.
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