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    Forecasts China chemical fiber machinery industry Share

    The past 10 years, China chemical fiber equipment after the introduction of technology, digestion and absorption stage, has now entered a stage of self-development, research, development and production of some domestic chemical fiber equipment has reached the world level. Tons of annual production of acrylic fiber production line of wet, energy saving aggregate equipment, first-class variety of specifications of high-speed winding equipment, marking China's chemical fiber production equipment has become more sophisticated, the development of chemical fiber industry has laid a foundation.
    Experts believe that the annual growth rate of world fiber at a 3% growth rate expected over the next 10 years, the annual growth rate of chemical fiber consumption was 4.4%, its share in the textile fibers will be further enhanced. China is the world's largest producer of chemical fiber, chemical fiber production in China is expected in 2003 will exceed 11 million tons, the proportion of chemical fiber processing volume will exceed the beginning of the expected estimated that in 2005 the total amount of chemical fiber processing will increase.
    Development of Chinese chemical fiber machinery industry:
    The first stage:
    1, from the beginning of the 1960s, man-made fiber production process in learning foreign technology on the basis, through their own exploration practice, and gradually achieve the rayon staple fiber, filament localization of equipment, complete sets of equipment is included in the host, auxiliary, special parts. At the same time by learning foreign vinylon production process technology and on the basis of self-reliance on the realization of the raw material vinylon acetylene gas equipment, devices and polyvinyl nylon filament, short silk post-processing equipment and localization.
    2, into the 20th century, the 1970s, as polyester, acrylic began to rise, China started research and development, beginning in the VD403 type spinning machine and post-processing base with an annual output of hundreds of tons of polyester equipment, and gradually developed to the type VD406 spinning machine and LVD808 reprocessing annual output of 4,000 tons of equipment 7500 tons of polyester staple fiber. VC406 filament spinning machine type and the corresponding drawing, texturing equipment also will be developed. Acrylic equipment is also on the basis of self-reliance, learning foreign technology production technology, we have developed an annual output of 3,000 tons, 6,000 tons of short fiber complete sets of equipment and the corresponding filament wool by supporting equipment. Nylon long and short fiber equipment also have come out.
    second stage:
    This phase Chinese chemical fiber machinery industry has been rapid development, especially in the polyester fiber represented by synthetic machinery, development and improvement faster. In LHV438 type spinning machine and LHV098 reprocessing facilities as the representative to make polyester staple fiber production capacity will reach 50 tons, and then developed to improve LHV905 type Nissan 100 tons of equipment.
    KV738 type, EJQ143 type and HZKV744 type polyester filament spinning P0Y, FDY equipment develop faster. Corresponding KV505 type drawing twisting and FK series type elastic yarn false twisting machine have also been increased at the same, adapted to the development of polyester fibers. Annual production capacity of wet acrylic fiber equipment also increased to 1.5 million tons, dry process acrylic fiber equipment through the introduction of technology to achieve localization co-production, in-line annual production capacity of 30,000 tons. Wool acrylic filament cutting, stretching, gill and packaging equipment also been developed to improve. Protein fiber equipment creative, also in this stage of the birth and put into industrial production. During this period, nylon, polypropylene, polyurethane and acetate fiber devices have also been developed, development and production.
    The third phase
    At present, China's chemical fiber machinery industry has entered a new stage of development that is the third phase. Most domestic manufacturers of chemical fiber machinery equipment to achieve localization, and gradually developed a number of proprietary chemical fiber production technology and equipment, the domestic chemical fiber equipment generally accounts for about 70% of total capacity of the device.
    Rayon staple fiber equipment not only semi-continuous centrifugal spinning and spinning machine is also more mature, fully automatic continuous spinning machine has also succeeded in the trial, the process is shortened, the speed to accelerate, increasing the package, adapted to the development of man-made fibers need.
    Synthetic fibers of polyester staple fiber equipment, from each production line annual output of 15,000 tons to 80,000 tons, a production line with an annual output of 30,000 tons has been industrial production line with an annual output of 45,000 tons is also being stepped up research. P0Y and FDY polyester filament yarn production process technology are relatively mature, to 5,000 m / min high-speed winding head has a large area with high-speed winding head 6000 m / min have been identified, the spinning speed, yield improve and adapt to the rapid development of polyester filament. To adapt the draft winding, false twist stretch yarn and other equipment has been further improved for the development of polyester filament made due contributions.
    Annual production capacity of acrylic wet a line of complete sets of equipment also increased to 15,000 tons. A variety of polypropylene fiber equipment, spandex equipment and acetate fiber equipment and special equipment also been developed. Protein fiber with Chinese original equipment, with the development of technology, has entered the industrial production.
    China's goal is the development of chemical fiber equipment with international standards, to a higher level of development. Should be in the high-speed, high-capacity, low-input, high output, high precision, automation and intelligent control, low maintenance aspects of research and development. In the development of conventional fiber Meanwhile, the development of functional fibers and other special matching process equipment.
    According to an estimate, by 2010, the world textile fiber processing volume will grow by 3 per cent annual increase of 4.4% chemical fiber, chemical fiber raw materials production capacity will also increase rapidly, while corporate restructuring, new technologies, new processes , we need to equip with, promote the use of new materials, etc., which provide a broad market space for the development of chemical fiber machinery.
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