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    Chemical fiber machinery of large-capacity high-precision digital

    "Eleventh Five-Year" period, chemical fiber machinery To a large capacity, fine, high-precision, low-input, high output, digital control and intelligent direction, in the conventional refining products, focusing on specialty fibers, functional fibers complete sets of equipment development and engineering technology, efforts to reduce consumption and reduce pollution, improve product quality and reliability.
    First, the development of highly efficient energy-saving chemical fiber production line (1) in the polyester staple fiber 150 tons / day production line industrialization on the basis of the development of 200 to 250 tons / day production line. (2) Development of 600,000 tons of PTA domestic technology and complete sets of equipment. (3) Development of 100 t / day continuous polymerization and nylon civil slice drying equipment. (4) Development of 45 tons / day of high-strength polyester fiber with a continuous solid-phase condensation technology and devices.
    Second, increase differentiation, efforts to develop high-performance fiber production equipment (1) improvement in the domestic composite filament spinning machine, based on the development of short composite yarn spinning equipment. (2) develop 0.3dpf polyester microfiber spinning equipment. (3) On the basis of existing domestic polyester industry led the United Sifang machine, continue to develop spun polyester high tenacity and high modulus low shrinkage fibers equipment. (4) developing high-performance, differentiated acrylic fiber production equipment. (5) In 1000 tons of industrialized production line based on the completion of aramid 1313, research {TodayHot} made of aramid 1414 industrial technology and equipment. (6) continue to develop carbon fibers, conductive fibers, optical fiber, very high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, hollow fiber membrane fibers and other high-tech equipment. (7) the development of flexible new (modified) polyester production line technology and equipment.
    Third, the development of green fiber technology and equipment (1) R & D polylactic acid (PLA) process technology and industrial equipment. (2) to further improve the new viscose filament continuous spinning and corresponding equipment to achieve industrialization. R & D annual output of 60,000 tons of viscose staple fiber production line. (3) Development of industrial toxic cellulose fiber production technology and equipment to achieve green production. (4) increase the production of toxic and hazardous fiber governance, development waste gas, waste water recycling treatment plant and water recycling technology; the use of advanced technology make full use of waste materials, improve the utilization of raw materials.
    Fourth, the development of digital, computer network control technology (1) in chemical fiber production base in existing electrical automation technology, continue to promote digital, computer networks and other fieldbus technology. (2) development of domestic polyester filament fully automated production line (from raw materials to packaged into a library or less unmanned automatic production line man operation) and network control systems. In the development of various types of chemical fiber machinery and equipment, while improving the quality, reliability and service life of chemical fiber machinery for basic parts, parts, machine units and complete sets of equipment.
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