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    Follow the development of new chemical fiber machinery Trends

    China is the world's largest chemical fiber producer in recent years, as technology continues to improve, the pace of development is very fast in 2003, China's chemical fiber production reached 11.81 million tons, accounting for one third of world production, ranking first in the world. Fruitful and broad prospects for the chemical fiber industry is bound to bring new development of chemical fiber machinery space. Combined modular high-capacity, high speed, and automation equipment, it has become the development trend of chemical fiber equipment, chemical equipment production of power is the target pursued.

    Focus on New achievements
    China's production so far has been for decades chemical fiber machinery and equipment. With the improvement of technology and the introduction of advanced domestic technology level of equipment, chemical fiber industry nearly 20 years has been rapid development. Economic globalization, specialization of production and dissemination of corporate information network technology, will promote the development of China's chemical fiber industry, chemical fiber machinery but also to bring a good opportunity.
    China's chemical fiber machinery research and development from the start of self-reliance, learn from foreign advanced technology improved. Since the reform and opening up, the introduction of technology from a single extended to the introduction of complete sets of equipment and technology, through digestion and absorption to achieve localization, followed by a series, and began to Southeast Asia and West Africa and other places. At present, China's chemical fiber industry, the first heavy machinery category basically complete, species diversity, affordable high-technology products coexist. With an annual output of 200,000 tons of polyester complete sets of equipment technology becomes more mature, the corresponding supporting large-scale spinning and post-processing equipment is also improving, Nissan 100 tons of polyester staple fiber equipment has been widely used.
    Shanghai Second Textile Machinery Company EJQ409 type and Shaoyang Textile Machinery Company SLHV4324 type polyester staple fiber spinning machine, Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Stock Company ZLHV909 type and Shanghai four new machines after spinning processing equipment, Handan Textile Machinery Company HV809 balers, as well as Nissan 200 tons of complete sets of equipment, which can be completely set of spinning equipment imported or domestically produced polyester polyester plant supporting device consisting of a long chain of production lines. Handan Textile Machinery Company developed K2 / HD-340 viscose filament continuous spinning machine and Hongda Research Institute Co., Ltd. developed NCSM1 viscose filament continuous spinning machine, set the traditional spinning, coagulation, to acid washing, drying, oiling and winding one, spinning forming to make the entire process up to the finished package from the original more than 90 hours, reduced to the continuous spinning molded package just a few minutes. These new processes, new technology and new equipment in the actual production have been users. While in full swing development of complete sets of equipment, these domestic textile enterprises on the one hand and actively develop new drawing twisting, stretch yarn false twisting machine, successfully developed a number of high-speed winding means domestic advanced level, suction devices and blowing metering pumps, spinnerets (board) special parts, basic components for the development of China's chemical fiber industry has laid a reliable material and technical basis.
    But it should be noted that the production of chemical fiber machinery and equipment at home and abroad has been formed in various forms of competition, China's chemical fiber production machinery and there are still many deficiencies. Traditional chemical fiber production technology and equipment, less special fiber technology and equipment, as well as a large number of chemical fiber machinery imported per year; production of chemical fiber and chemical fiber machinery and equipment production technology combined enough, and research of chemical fiber products almost disjointed; the lack of organization of technical products design, manufacturing technology strength dispersion; reliability of domestic chemical fiber machinery, stability problems still outstanding. Therefore, to face up to the status quo, to solve the problem, in order to promote the development of chemical fiber machinery.
    Show a new trend
    Fiber technology is changing with the development of new technologies, chemical fiber machinery production must also "be shipped and change." Currently, traditional chemical species from the common fiber steering special functional fibers, fine denier, superfine wire, textured yarn and the development of new trends denatured silk, chemical fiber and chemical fiber machinery and equipment necessary to determine product-centered development, downstream chain services. Therefore large capacity, continuous, high speed, automation and mechanical product design modular modular development has become the trend of chemical fiber machinery.
    Large-capacity fiber raw materials production plant is to start with the beginning. Rayon cotton, wood pulp equipment, synthetic polyester units are growing, increasing production capacity, expanding from the past few million to more than ten million tons of annual output, is now an annual output of dozens of mostly tons. Ancillary equipment for spinning and post-processing only increase capacity to match. Polyester staple fiber spinning Nissan has increased from 50 tons, 100 tons, to raise daily output of 200 tons, 250 tons. Currently, the production of 250 tons against the international equipment and technology has been the formation of industrial production, and continue to improve to improve. Single production capacity of rayon staple fiber equipment has gradually increased the annual output reached 200 million tons.
    Continuous fiber production process is to adapt to the characteristics of the emergence of progressive development through improved production. It reflects the efficiency and effectiveness, but also reflects the double or multiple warming reduction save energy and reduce consumption. With the improvement of technology, changes in process performance, spinning, drawing package and the speed continues to increase. Viscose filament spinning faster than 180 m / min, after polyester staple fiber tow processing means 6.7 million dTex, speed of 275 m / min, polyester filament high-speed winding speed of 6000 m / min or more.
    Always in the direction of automation machinery products development, but also the only way of chemical fiber machinery products. Most chemical fiber machinery products by the United machine components, and the organic, cooperate electricity, sound, light, instrument. Association Engine is the case, is also a stand-alone case. The Mechatronics is a new automatic control technology.
    Modular Modularity is the new features in the future development of chemical fiber machinery. Chemical fiber spinning spinning parts of the machine needs to be based on different combinations of production, refining, drying and other equipment also need to be adjusted according to the yield. Many products have a common generic technology, thus allowing for its versatility, serialization and standardization, especially some special parts, standardized components that can change with product and process requirements and production flexibility combined.
    Into new areas
    Chemical fiber and chemical fiber production machinery and equipment production, are facing the direction of the development of new varieties developed by the increase in production, while comfortable to civilian fiber, industrial and military fiber fiber direction.
    First, for the development of civil Charming provide fiber production technology and equipment. Because of the natural fiber rayon comfort features are popular, synthetic fibers through the simulation process also comfort. There is also a lot of natural fiber cellulose fibers, such as soy, bamboo, bagasse, wheat straw, corn stalks and cotton stalk skin, etc., will enter the field of fiber production, machinery and equipment must be adapted. Sterile underwear, do not stain fabrics, towel dry immediately, do not fold the fabric and spray stockings and other new products have been successfully tested, to be the industrial production.
    Second, the development of industrial fiber production technology and equipment provided. Industrial fiber production equipment not only a broad field, and need to use large. Such as Toray and Asahi Kasei Corporation jointly developed with chemical equipment reverse permeable membrane technology for desalination; also bonded products made from polymeric devices are widely used in industry, from small to large amounts of adhesive glue stick, and many more. These industry has a mature technology, but to achieve industrial production, in social services, machinery and equipment must match.
    Third, the development of military technology and equipment to provide industrial fiber production. Military industrial fibers embodied in two aspects, one is the traditional apparel goods, to be adding new varieties to make it more comfortable, sun, cold and other functions; the other is used for special industrial equipment used in military fiber including carbon fiber, aramid fiber, ultra-strength nanotubes fibers and other specialty fibers. Such as light, temperature and carbon fiber is known, whether the use of craft glue, acrylic craft or asphalt process, a corresponding apparatus for forming a production capacity of industrial production. These new technologies are products of course come from the lab, but there must be a complete production technology and equipment. How to adapt military chemical fiber machinery required fiber production, pending further study.
    The development of new initiatives
    Development of chemical fiber products, machinery manufacturing enterprises based on technological innovation, advanced manufacturing methods in order to provide advanced technology and equipment for the production of chemical fiber enterprises. Chemical fiber machinery products development and production to keep up with research topics, followed by chemical fiber research and cutting-edge technology, chemical fiber research results into productive forces as soon as possible, into commercial products, and form their own research, proprietary technology, and through the formation of industrial equipment produce. Integrated fiber technology, integrated scientific research and manufacturing technology, and the dispersion of financial, technical and human can be integrated in one, selecting the best, optimal combination, form their own core technology and ultimately achieve technology progress, to achieve industrial upgrading.
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