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    China's chemical fiber machinery to develop new progress

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    By the China Textile Machinery (Group) Company of Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. developed day yield 150 tons of polyester staple fiber post-processing machine in the United November 27 afternoon Fiber Co., Ltd. in Luoyang is played first pack finished silk, smooth successful test .

    Luoyang is a polyester staple fiber Fiber Co., Ltd. The total design capacity of 150,000 tons / year, spinning into three Nissan 150 tons production line, the project by the US company chemtex total package, including post-processing equipment line consists of three shares of Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Co., company, except for a few critical hosts crimping machine, cutting machine imported from abroad, the rest by the domestic production of the host device, the host portion of the Zhengzhou textile Machinery Co., Ltd. design and manufacture of electrical control system by the China textile Machinery (Group) company ambitious Research Institute Co. in the cooperation. Baler selection Zhengzhou Hongda Chemical Fiber Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. Handan Machinery Co., styling products
    The set of devices currently available to domestic and foreign users six lines. The first successful test of a localization Nissan 150 tons of polyester staple fiber aftertreatment device marks the successful research and development of China's chemical fiber machinery elevated to a new level, not only to provide the domestic market, along with the ability to participate in international competition in the market and strength.

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    Products: TMT, MURATA, Muratec Barmag, Teijin machinery, Dongli machinery, Mary, jwell etc.

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