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    hina's chemical fiber output up to 41 million tons in 2015

    Source: chemical fiber machinery, chemical fiber machinery parts, www.shangyebg.com

    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released chemical fiber industry, "second Five Year Plan" proposed, "five" chemical fiber industry, the market demand is still some room for growth, the average annual industrial added value growth target of 8%.

    The plan, by 2015, chemical fiber production capacity reached 46 million tons, production of 41 million tons, accounting for chemical fiber textile fiber processing volume ratio to about 76%, chemical fiber industrial added value growth of 8% annually.

    The plan also calls to improve the proportion of differential fiber varieties to meet the different, individual requirements. By 2015, the differential rate of chemical fiber increased to more than 60%; high-grade fabrics and chemical fiber products to reach self-sufficiency rate of 85%; 29% chemical fiber industry, the proportion of; to make up the shortage of cotton as the main objective of high simulation, simulation of super fibers comprise synthetic 15% of total production.

    According to the plan, by 2015, the industry's annual sales income over 5 billion yuan (below) conglomerates reached 50. Among them, more than 10 billion yuan of 20 large enterprise groups, exceeded 500 billion yuan in five large enterprise groups, the overall strength reached the international advanced level, significantly improved ability to resist risks.

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