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    Chemical fiber machinery intelligent logistics into a hot spot

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    Chemical fiber machinery intelligent logistics into a hot spot

    Chemical fiber machinery exhibition on display are not many, but automation, intelligent obvious characteristics. Under the new situation, with innovative research and development of chemical fiber equipment and technology, business automation production lines have become increasingly demanding. Improve product quality and traceability, reduce labor intensity and operating costs, solve two bottlenecks restricting the development of long-term industry, an urgent need to promote the sustainable development of the industry. Therefore automatic doffing, product quality automatic detection, automatic packaging, warehouse technology will become China's large chemical fiber enterprises aimed at the target. This exhibition, Chonglee Machinery Co. launched its own long fiber silk pie automatic packaging outfit, mainly comprising wire frame under the car starter system, excluding wire cake weighing bagging systems, palletizing systems, caving cardboard system, the entire system stack packing tape, film winding wire cake stack labeling system, at present the production line has been put into use.
    Watch efficient high-speed knitting machine
    Knitting aspect, mechanical intelligence steadily improved, new frequent appearances. Chee Sing latest development of efficient high-speed computerized flat knitting machine full of highlights, the biggest advantage of this product through the entire computer knitting machine hardware and software upgrades, and efficient high-speed weaving, knitting efficiency greatly improved. Chee Sing by the integration of Switzerland, Italy, China tripartite technical resources successfully developed Steiger automatic suturing system of the eye, also 慈星公 Division in this exhibition showcase key products, the product to achieve the automatic back-knitted sweaters head of the suture, the suture to enhance efficiency and reduce the intensity with the eyes of the operator, is a revolutionary product. Display automatic intelligent machine can knit uppers stereoscopic 3D woven uppers, knit uppers achieve full-time forming knitting, now the products have been sold in Fujian, Guangdong and other areas. Earlier, Chee Sing Chinese shoes are still in Jinjiang, Fujian established 慈星智 machine can vamp Institute, Institute reported that in the future will be set up in the upper region of Hebei, in order to further boost the development of domestic knitting shoe industry.
    Jiangsu Jinlong Technology also exhibited the highest level on behalf of the three 80-inch system from the floor machine, three systems from the floor mosaic machine, 3G60 inch dual system from the floor machine and computer knitting machine Internet management software and intelligent technology demonstration.
    Digital printing breakthrough short board upgrade
    Printing and dyeing, the current development of China's intelligent single printing device is better, instead of doing so in addition to smart devices, labor-saving, but also conducive to the production cost and production management control. On the one hand, through the intelligent automatic feeding device, water, electricity, gas consumption for accurate control, reduce unnecessary waste. On the other hand, intelligent system through ERP, Internet, LAN and other online monitoring and remote diagnostics to help manage and process orders saved. SEG Jiangsu new smart green speed scouring and bleaching machine not only has high speed and efficiency, energy saving features, the mechanical speed of 110 m / min, the process speed of 100 m / min, with a liquid volume of more than 100%; automatic feeding system, automatic hit volume drop cloth wrong side of the device, and having a quantitative measurement of functional water, electricity, gas, materials can be homogeneous charge, low bath ratio, fast switching, which is convenient to find the problem, but also facilitate the daily production management. Changzhou grand-line monitoring system includes three categories: environmental protection of digital printing systems, energy saving systems and digital printing production of intelligent information control system. The launch of the HVMC-15 series of intelligent machine weft whole flower the first international leader to spend the whole concept of technology to achieve a revolutionary breakthrough in intelligent printing and dyeing equipment the entire field of flowers, truly accurate detection of weft fabric texture.
    The exhibition is a major feature of digital printing. In recent years, digital printing, with its diversity, low-volume, customization, shorter delivery time and other advantages, to the textile industry has brought unprecedented personalized experience. Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Co., Ltd. product model VEGA3000DT digital printing machine speeds up to 1030 m2 / h; Owepass series digital printing machine speed of up to 60 to 80 m / min. Hangzhou Open Source Computer Technology Co., Ltd. is to bring the company's latest high-speed industrial grade 7 Series Rainbow digital printing machines and dyeing machine laboratory dropping debut, while the Rainbow 7 series digital printing machine as the company's flagship product, is extremely advantageous in terms of performance, it is equipped stainless steel industrial textile nozzle, moisturizing and self-cleaning, intelligent injection pressure adjustment, automatic power distribution and income distribution for efficient drying / hair color, closed intelligent automatic ink supply and other functions readily available. Open source digital printing intelligent control technology, use and maintenance can be protected, to fully meet the 7 × 24 continuous production, daily output of 8,000 square meters to 20,000 square meters of production requirements. With digital printing gradually breakthrough cost, speed and other issues, many industry insiders believe it will eventually replace the traditional printing equipment.
    Whether or Industry 4.0 China 2025, without exception, that the new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution in the offing, it forms a historic crossroads and China to accelerate the transformation of economic development, will promote the great development of China's industry. Textile industry as the traditional manufacturing, continuous, automated equipment is used widely, the production process on-line monitoring technology breakthrough, but to achieve the whole process of continuous operation, digital control, real-time monitoring and adaptive control, complete artificial substitute, still strong strengthen management systems and key equipment R & D breakthroughs, still smart from the production line to the digital factory and steady step forward.

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