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    Chemical fiber equipment, intelligent - intelligent automated production and logistics integration



    With the rising cost of labor and the chemical fiber industry shift from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, chemical fiber production intelligence level continues to increase.

    Sheng Hong Technology Co., Ltd. production workshop, clean room, clean the floor, machines roaring, white silk cake along the production line down by a mechanical hand grabs and accurately into the shuttle transport small car. After textured silk pie from offline from doffing, transportation, storage, inspection classification, packaging and palletizing all links are fully automated. According to reports, Sheng Hong Technology Co., Ltd. after the application of intelligent logistics system, the overall savings of about 50% of employment. As long as the car onto the silk workers warehousing line body, the next step will be completed all the pre-set program control automation.
    It is understood that a similar automatic doffing, delivery systems have been used in the domestic chemical fiber enterprises. On the basis of complete sets of chemical fiber production lines have been digitized on automation, automatic connection and integration of all production processes and intelligent logistics system, is pushing fiber production further intelligent.
    CNC equipment to enhance the level of
    According to changes in chemical fiber production characteristics and mode of production occurs, large-capacity fiber machinery products, continuous, automation and mechanical product design modular Modular has become a trend. Chemical fiber equipment further application of computer technology, digital technology to enhance the level of intelligence, by implementing a fully automated process, achieve efficiencies, quality and labor saving.
    According to experts Hengtian Heavy Industries Corp. introduced by Wang Shou, the last few years is the rapid development of chemical fiber equipment digital control and network communication, not only the manufacturing floor to the management network communication can be done, but also to achieve remote control, remote diagnosis. Parking in the fault, the fault chain automatic control level has also been rapidly improved. Through digital control, chemical fiber machinery and equipment to improve the accuracy, reliability is increased, the stable operation of the process, making labor less and less. In the past a lot of labor production line, two production lines now 2-3 personal enough.
    In polyester staple fiber equipment, for example, by a constant day Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. launched the "Nissan 200 tons of polyester staple fiber digital equipment" The whole line adopts PLC control technology, network communication technology integration, the formation of the overall production line process monitoring and management system, make process adjustments, fault alarm, online monitoring, information collection and processing such as more sophisticated, improving joint digital control machine automation level.
    Chen Ying, deputy general manager of the Pacific electromechanical said fiber FCS control system embedded remote monitoring system for remote monitoring and diagnostics is an important step towards the digital textile machinery. Currently chemical equipment commonly used fieldbus control system FCS, because the control system large, complex, user maintenance, maintenance difficult. Pacific sets company in large tonnage chemical fiber equipment using remote monitoring and diagnostics, maintenance technology, through remote monitoring operation of the PLC, to help users troubleshoot, allowing users to put a low-cost, long-term contact with the equipment manufacturers, the equipment safe operation in both state guardianship at any time.
    Intelligent Logistics further labor savings
    In automated production equipment to continuously improve the situation, automated conveyor and packaging sectors become more intelligent fiber production breakthrough. According to Sheng Hong Mei Feng Technology Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer reports, polyester filament current means of packaging and logistics module consists of doing related work, investment, low output, and efficiency of existing production facilities do not match. The traditional manual packaging very large amount of labor, all of the packaging process and inspection process completed by manual operation, in accordance with the existing production workshop, each ingot weight of about 6 kg of yarn volume mount packaging cartons this process, repetitive movements per ban needs 2200 times, 6600 times a day, that is, the workers need to invest a lot of energy, but also spend a lot of energy. Based on past statistics manual packaging line, after the product off the assembly line, and other man-down rate various causes about 1.46%, resulting in a lot of unnecessary losses. At the same time, part of the process, high degree of management complexity, product tracing difficulties, large storage footprint.
    In 2010, Shing Hong Machinery Industry Shares cooperation with Beijing Institute of Automation, began construction of chemical fiber production and implementation of intelligent logistics system. System consists of a robot, chain conveyors, rotary tables, lifts and other equipment, in addition to achieve wire cake from doffing, transportation, storage, inspection and classification, packaging and fully automated palletizing, but also the product of the intelligent recognition each ingot wire transfer volume in the inspection of the packaging process by identifying all three codes for accurate and efficient. In addition, each operating station of wire volume information in accordance with paragraph classification process management, unified total control scheduling.
    After building intelligent systems, products workshop canceled a manual grading, packing, code panels related processes, a number of workshops from the original 480 now reduced to 260 people. Staff was great liberation of labor, the workers pushed the car as long as the wire line storage body, the next step will be borne by all the pre-set control automation program completed. The system is put into use later, the overall savings of about 50% of employment. At the same time, relative to the original manual production line each day the amount of 190 tons of packaging, automated packaging day after the full realization of packaging production reached 250 tons.
    Intelligent logistics system easier to systematic management, real-time data can be produced by means of real-time data acquisition interface to obtain and transmit stored in the database for other functional modules such as enterprise ERP system call processing. In terms of performance appraisal, the system also has a unique advantage, it can automatically calculate each team's productivity and production efficiency, data evaluation, assessment process parameters, alarm assessment, yield assessment, yield assessment, evaluation and other consumption, improve product play the role of the quality and management level.
    Domestic equipment and systems matures
    Co-operation by the Beijing Institute of Machinery Industry Automation AG Shenghong development of intelligent logistics system is the industry's first set of domestic chemical fiber and chemical fiber production intelligent logistics system.
    On this basis, after several revisions and perfection by the Beijing Institute of Machinery Industry Automation introduced automatic doffing system has been in a number of chemical fiber production enterprise applications. System automates doff, loading and transport, to meet the many varieties produced at the same time as a single batch loading level of demand, and automatically track and label printing silk pie product information. Which developed the multi-axis automation doff car, raised off the wire, transport capacity, using a new type of ground movement way, in favor of the old plant upgrade. The system has obtained a patent, a utility model patents authorized, with independent intellectual property rights. Currently there are 46 sets of automatic doffing system put into use, production stable, technologically advanced, reliable, cost-effective, the realization of industrial, performance indicators to meet user requirements, economic and social benefits significantly.
    In addition, Wuxi Hongyuan Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a synthetic long silk pie automatic doffing delivery systems. The system is designed for post-production of synthetic filament yarn cake processing line supporting equipment, to be completed by the automatic doffing of bobbins, transmission function to enhance chemical fiber filament production the following process automation, improve product quality, reduce labor costs.
    Wuxi Hongyuan use of modern design theory developed synthetic long silk pie automatic doffing, conveyor systems, spares few kinds of products, alternative high, simple structure, easy maintenance, can be easily formed in accordance with the actual needs of the user module combination of personalized fiber length silk production automation auxiliary systems. Main components are automatic doffing, silk cake automatic transmission, automatic wire cake store, track and other modules. Automatic doffing module takes the cake fall wire winding machine and transferred to wire cake delivery module or directly transferred to the automatic storage function and the cake trolley module. Full use of modern drive systems, modern control and communication technology, the host device NC rate of 98%. Doffing module with automatic addressing, path optimization positioning function in accordance with regulations to complete doffing task. Double insurance with the movement of the position detection and optimized to ensure the safety and reliability of the entire device and smooth movement of the work, give full consideration to energy saving operation of the driving needs. Delivery module in a predetermined position wire transfer cake to simplify control; double support arm structure, expanding the capacity of wire cake. Track according to user needs, and to customize different lengths of rail, silk cake delivered to the designated location. The system can simultaneously meet the requirements of the case of automatic doffing produce five different varieties.
    Industry experts said that intelligent measurement and control technology and fiber production means smart logistic system involved, such as robots, automatic car, warehouse, PLC system, shop management system MES, large-scale production logistics system integration and so on, all have a certain amount of domestic technology base , equipment and engineering experience to prepare, but the reliability is relatively weak. In addition, some domestic and foreign products as well as packaging plane gaps, needs introduction. We believe that through research with the combination of upstream and downstream enterprises of collaborative research, domestic enterprises have the ability to develop a practical engineering outfit with the system, and reached the international advanced level.

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