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    Add: Lin Zhen Xi Yang Village No. 2
    Tel:0510-80172518 80172528


    Chemical fiber machinery eager to develop low-power

       At the eve of the Tenth China International Textile Machinery Exhibition, the reporter interviewed the Jiangsu section of chemical fiber enterprises to understand their production needs. Chemical fiber enterprises have showed a strong desire for efficient equipment.

    Interviews involving chemical fiber enterprises, have a major problem is more stable source of customers, thinking is energy saving. Jitai Jiangyin Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces FDY FDY, had earlier purchased from the domestic one fuse device, the solvent is 6 tons; after the introduction of a volume of 20 tons of melt spinning equipment brand Neumag . Use and found, spinning one ton of raw materials and steam consumption, domestic equipment, the average melt spinning device to Biniumage spend 200 yuan. Thus, the application of domestic melt spinning apparatus embodiment modified to make it to expand the volume of 10 tons. In addition, to strengthen the management of the procurement of raw materials, materials used to emphasize cleanliness and lengthen the cleaning cycle melt spinning equipment, domestic equipment to achieve energy savings so that nearly one-third.
        Jitai Jiangyin Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in synthetic filament equipment (winders, false twist machine) developed consumables, production, sales, and undertake reconstruction and specialty chemical fiber and chemical fiber enterprises development project. Our main products are: TMT, Muratec MURATA, Barmag, Dili machinery, mechanical Toray, in Korea, Jin Wei and other domestic and imported accessories; Murata false twisting machine 33H, 33F, Barmag FK6-700, 900, 1000-type false twisting machine parts; textile machinery dedicated high-speed bearings (NSK, SKF, NTN, FAG, HS); imported porcelain pieces
        Exchange, some companies also highlighted drawing precision mechanical problem. They generally believe that domestic drawing equipment than the imported drawing equipment accuracy, likely to cause breakage, the formation of small package and after the impact of production processes. Thus, high-performance, high-precision chemical fiber prices on the domestic equipment new expectations.

    Copyright:Chemical fiber machinery parts | false twist machine parts, textile machinery, high speed bearings, imported ceramic parts, Jiangyin Ji Tai Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd. 備案號:蘇ICP備10024929號
    Products: TMT, MURATA, Muratec Barmag, Teijin machinery, Dongli machinery, Mary, jwell etc.

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