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    Add: Lin Zhen Xi Yang Village No. 2
    Tel:0510-80172518 80172528


    Chemical fiber machinery industry of e-commerce

    Chemical fiber machinery industry of e-commerce

    A: chemical fiber machinery industry why e-commerce: Many business owners feel that they are not suitable for e-commerce companies, of course, many bosses chemical fiber machinery industry, too, but we try to think about a decade ago, many believe that e-commerce people are now carried out very smoothly, many industries and products are considered not suitable to do marketing on the Internet have taken different forms carried up on the Internet, which is why we now chemical fiber machinery industry to promote the network so intense wish, the Internet is a trend, we now consider the chemical fiber machinery industry should not want to go to e-commerce, but should be thinking of how to conduct e-commerce
    II: chemical fiber machinery industry how to carry out the kind of e-commerce: we have found a large chemical fiber machinery equipment, may not be a lot of fast moving consumer goods that can be sold directly to the Internet, but we can do online exhibition and marketing, to find a professional outsourcing company to do a good web site to carry out network marketing, not only to promote our brand in the chemical fiber machinery industry, but also have the opportunity to auction the potential demand for chemical fiber machinery customers.
    Three: chemical fiber machinery industry e-commerce to expand late: not to say we do business sites do a promotion on the bin down, and to do post-maintenance to potential customers, the online customers to do business reality and law combined more conducive for us to maximize the chemical fiber machinery industry on the effect of e-commerce.

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    Products: TMT, MURATA, Muratec Barmag, Teijin machinery, Dongli machinery, Mary, jwell etc.

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