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    Chemical fiber machinery industry go from here

    Abstract: The chemical fiber machinery industry in 14 years of sustained industry downturn, many textile machinery industry has also received a great impact, but in chemical fiber machinery industry collective slump, while cotton lun and some synthetic fabrics and required equipment product sales has become increasingly prosperous.

         Since the end of this year consecutive months of sluggish demand in the domestic chemical fiber machinery parts market, resulting in chemical fiber industry, high inventory and low profits, chemical fiber enterprises to the cyclical trough, serious domestic textile market saturation. Judging from the recent situation, the decline in exports of chemical products is also a foregone conclusion. Since the chemical fiber industry product homogeneity, the first half of this year, many companies producing energy has been released, after the capacity expansion of the market is more competitive. Into the second half increasingly tight market intensifies, many factories have slowed down the expansion rhythm, but some companies are still reluctant to be launched. According to industry estimates, the current round of chemical fiber industry downturn takes 2 to 3 years of digestion, but by no means comparable to 2008. Restore stable development of chemical fiber industry, the production of chemical fiber enterprises to take the initiative to control. Currently we see, on the one hand the period of relatively weak demand rather long period end clothing prices continued inside and outside the spread of cotton is high, resulting in the loss of orders, a decline in exports on the other hand, from the concentration of production capacity release basically come to an end, industry itself cyclically adjusted voice rising.

        However, chemical fiber machinery market in the doldrums period, some of the new fiber sales has become increasingly prosperous. For example, in Jiangsu and Zhejiang market nylon fabric, with its beautiful appearance, new style, fabric texture, excellent features recently become market highlights. Nowadays, Nylon fabric has become the main election businessmen around the fabric, foreign orders have appeared, according to the estimates, the subsequent market remains positive, and stimulating the demand for nylon amplification. Since the nylon fabric led the market, but also led to the production of chemical fiber equipment. As Barmag, Wuxi and Beijing Hongyuan Chonglee texturing machines and other production companies, we are invariably get a share of the order and become a new bright spot in the textile machinery market, which is more or less bring domestic market a little comfort. It is also the highlight of Zhejiang Fangyuan polymerization defibrillators Ltd. plans to invest 1.115 billion yuan annual output of 120,000 tons differential fiber nylon project planning in two phases, planned in 2015 completed and put into production. For more information about chemical fiber machinery, chemical fiber machinery parts, clear focus on Jitai Jiangyin Chemical Fiber Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. official website www.shangyebg.com

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    Products: TMT, MURATA, Muratec Barmag, Teijin machinery, Dongli machinery, Mary, jwell etc.

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