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    Add: Lin Zhen Xi Yang Village No. 2
    Tel:0510-80172518 80172528


    Chemical fiber machinery parts speed up access to new areas

    With the development of high-tech fiber production to meet their special requirements of chemical fiber machinery parts also are speeding up the development of new areas.

    Currently, the main direction of development of chemical fiber industry is: to meet new fiber production and living needs, high-performance fibers, functional fibers, differentiated fibers, regenerated cellulose fibers and other synthetic products require appropriate machinery and equipment to meet production needs .

    In addition, thin strands of fiber spinning, elongated processes and technologies for chemical fiber machinery and equipment also put forward new demands. Polyester spun using conventional spinning process to produce 3 to 5 denier denier coarse denier, length single gram of raw spun yarn is only 2.5 km; as spun denier 1 denier to 5 denier yarn, single the length of the raw material weight g spun yarn up 6.7 km; if coupled Save Refuse handling micro denier yarn spun by conventional spinning, length up to 10 km; the same process up to 33 one thousand meters with direct spinning; if mechanical stripping composite superfine spun silk, single gram of raw material, spinning length of up to 66 km; island superfine composite spun yarn, single gram of fiber length of up to 200 kilometers. To meet these new functional fibers and new manufacturing processes require technical equipment, it is the current direction of China's chemical fiber machinery development.

    For more information about chemical fiber machinery, chemical fiber machinery parts, please pay attention to Jitai Jiangyin Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd. official website www.shangyebg.com

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    Products: TMT, MURATA, Muratec Barmag, Teijin machinery, Dongli machinery, Mary, jwell etc.

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